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According to Microsoft, Office 365 was developed to bring together all the cloud applications of communication and collaboration products of the company. The company's aim was to do this in such a way that those familiar with Microsoft Office would find it easy to adopt the new applications. But we have been doing the same with Exchange 2010, so why migrate? Well, you need to migrate from exchange 2010 to office 365 and enjoy its numerous perks such as

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Seamless Maintenance and Updates

One of the best things about this application is that it is almost like getting a free IT department when you implement it. If you want to install applications such as SharePoint Server and Exchange Server, among others, then you have to take care of the management, maintenance, and installation of security patches on your own, which will neither be easy not cheap. You can avoid all these by installing Office 365, which comes with integrated automatic updates and security patches downloads. You get all the benefits of using all these applications without having to worry about maintaining or updating them.

Universal Access

Since this application is hosted in the cloud, it follows that it comes with global accessibility. You will be able to work, collaborate with colleagues and use all the different parts of the suite from any place of the globe as long as you have internet access. Get a phone, laptop, tablet, desktop or even a smartphone, and you can work even from a remote island. Any changes you make on your worksheets, for example documents, are immediately saved on the main server, which means your colleagues will see the changes as soon as you make them. Without the cloud connection, you would have to mail your work to each other to see these changes and updates.

Advanced Security

The fact that the main server, security updates, patches and all other maintenance practices are managed by Microsoft means that the security of your date is ensured. Besides, the nature of cloud-based applications is such that they can be secured by the head office, and then everybody working for the organization has to adhere to the security perimeters irrespective of their geographical location. Without this feature, IT security managers may have inadequate control of their organisation's work.


One of the top reasons that prevent companies from implementing new technology applications is the expected steep learning curve a fear that may or may not be real. With Office 365, this fear is clearly unfounded because most peopleorganizations already use related programs like SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook or even Microsoft Office. Office 365 is very similar to these applications, with the major difference being that it is hosted on the cloud.

Desktop Applications

Those who use office desktop applications currently will be happy to know that Microsoft 365 comes with office desktop applications too. In fact, the package includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, Outlook and other Microsoft desktop applications. Best of all, the licensing offer allows you to share them across 5 PC and mobile devices.